Friday, October 27, 2006


IM HOME!!!!!!!! Thats right, Im back and business is about to pick up. For those of you who didnt know, your new, unknown, favorite HIP-HOPPER has returned. As my baby so eloquently put it, "D*mn country *ss towns!" I unfortunately had to pay a small debt to society in the form of about a month and a half of incarceration in NACOGDOCHES COUNTY JAIL!!!! Thank GOD that's over with. Now that Im back, let's get things moving.
A lot has changed in the month or so that I have been gone. Idlewild called, I went and didnt like the scenery, so I decided to move to another place. Forget time zone, let's try time period. Whatever happened to real HIP-HOP?! I mean that good 92-96 goodness. When you could bump the Pharcyde and be the coolest person around. When your shirt didnt have to be from the same company as your jeans. When everybody didnt sell drugs and we all were FLAT BROKE AND SUPREMELY TALENTED. When getting a record deal was something to be heralded and you actually had to have, dare I say it: TALENT!!!! (Yeah, the soapbox is dusted off.) I really miss that period of time. I miss when you were actually excited to hear new music on the radio from your favorite artist and you dreamed of the day when you too would be announced on 100.3 Jamz. (Yeah, at 25 I can say that. What's up Khal?) I feel nostalgic and not just for a minute. I miss good music. I was on a local website here in Dallas called and decided to listen to the music there. Its the EXACT SAME STUFF from last year at this EXACT SAME TIME, but its BRAND NEW MATERIAL from the EXACT SAME ARTISTS and.............THEY ALL UTTERLY SUCK!!!! No wonder we (DALLAS) have never been given a proper chance within the HipHop community. No one cares to listen to watered down b.s. I could say some names, but let's be civil.
Now that Im home, I feel the need to do something. I feel the need to make great music. Different beats, different rhyme schemes, more indepth wordplay. I feel the need to take music ITSELF (not just for the area Im from, but everywhere) back to the point where its actually listenable. I see the reason why all the older generations have never really cared for OUR music. Its hot garbage! Im only one man, but I want to make a difference. Maybe if someone gets out there and really starts CARING about the QUALITY of the music again, more people will catch. If that has to be me, well so be it. Break out my Kangol, a freshly dipped pair of chocolate brown Wallies, a pair of good baggy blue jeans (preferably passed down by my older brother and already seasoned), a chocolate brown Goose Down Bomber Jacket, my backpack, and braid my dreads down........six minutes, Joulz Il, you're on! Ah-ah-on-ah-ah-ah-on!