Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Know Im Late, But.........................

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! If you've been tuning in, you realize that its been about two weeks since I posted. Im so sorry, but things have been really moving in a positive manner for me and Ive been caught in somewhat of a whirlwind of prosperity in the last two weeks. It wont take me very long, but things are really moving for me. So if Im short in the coming weeks, please excuse me, its not out of lack of love, its out of very little time and thats....................A GOOD THING!!!

1) I was interviewed by Pegasus News on January 8, 2007 and it was actually a very good experience for me. I was able to make a connection with Alan Cohen of Pegasus News through DFWHipHop.com and well it just went from there. They are a great team of people and Im looking forward to working with them in the future as a freelance writer. You just cant be mad at that. You can check out my interview with Erin Rice (She rocks!!!!) here: Click Here

2)You are now looking at one of the new faces of the UBN 1. That may not seem like much right now, but please believe me, I wish I could say more to you. Stay tuned.

3)Ive started working on the second entry into my mixtape series, "Sign Joulz Il:Volume 2". The first free downloadable cd did so well that I decided, "Hey, why not do it again?". It should be available for online downloading by April. (And it will be there by April! I mean that! I dont like saying things that I cant keep up on!) Be on the lookout for it! And if you havent picked up "Sign Joulz Il:Volume 1", you can do that here: Sign Joulz Il

4)Five Starr Entertainment FINALLY got the new studio built. LOL! I say that jokingly, but we are all VERY HAPPY to have it done. Way to go Charles and Chelse! Im happy that its up and its running smoothly, no kinks, no crap, and no low budget recording in a closet for US! A professional quality studio with built in hang out extras to boot. Always a good look. Be on the lookout for The Alliance (Dent, John, Joulz Il). We are in the process of completing the group album NOW! Feel free to sample our music here: LISTEN TO US!!!!

5)And even though, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything else.......IM "HA-PAY"!!!! LOL! 2007 has already been a really good look for me and its only been two weeks. Its amazing what God can and will accomplish for you, if you just let go and give it all to Him. To think, I spoke this into existence! Man, I said it before and I will say it again. Give God some of your time and He will definitely bless you.

Until we speak again.