Monday, November 20, 2006

I Guess I Always Knew.......

Truthfully, I think Ive always known that I was supposed to be famous and every once in a while, God sends a friendly reminder that His Will is for me to be on a stage and be influential, not only in the community, but to family and friends. One of my best friends since elementary school called me today and told me that he and the rest of my crew from Lincoln High School in Dallas, got the chance to check out my music on my myspace page. He was so excited about it and it made me feel extremely good to know that there are people who have been rooting for me for so long. God has a sick sense of humor, He's always laughing at you when you are at your lowest point because He knows exactly what is around the corner for you. Things are looking good, the mixtape should be mixed, mastered, and available for free online download in December. Thats right, December. So if you're a loyal reader or just signing on to the show called "When I Get On....", you're in for a treat. The new studio for Five Starr Entertainment is currently being built and honestly, I am antsy to start recording again. I want to hear what the producers have come up with since I have been gone. Im ready to make classics and now that my team is back for the mutual support that I have SO BADLY needed, I feel incredible. I guess I always knew I would be a rock star, the funny thing is, I NEVER KNEW WHEN. Im starting to see that that time is......NOW.


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