Sunday, August 13, 2006


Its funny that I would name a post that, but thats just what happened. There may be a new producer from Louisiana on the project! His name is simply "K" and much like the Man in Black character that he took his name from, he's definitely good at what he does. I enjoyed listening to his beats yesterday and I am now looking forward to working more with him and the other producers that were already enlisted to make sure that this album sounds great. It was enjoyable listening to someone who had some of the same ideas that I have towards music and truthfully, when someone's music sounds good, you cant take that away from them. The funny thing is, this cat is even interested in doing reggaetone and I have yet to hear that from any producer that I have worked with. I am happy to welcome him to the fold and see what can be created.
On that same note, I still have yet to receive any NEW material. This is the point in recording an album in which I dont like. The stagnation. (Im not even sure if thats a real word, but it is today.) I like to keep things moving and I realized that any good artist does. I got the chance to actually sit down and watch "Tupac:Resurrection" yesterday. Unbeknowst to a lot of people, Im probably the only non-diehard Tupac fan there is. I mean, he was good, but just because someone is murdered in their prime, does not the king create. We will never know where Tupac would have gone had he not been murdered. In watching the doc, it was very apparent that Tupac was misunderstood and that he was CLEARLY ahead of his time. There was more for him than just hip-hop martyr. I, too, have a fascination with my own death. If God blesses me to see it, Wednesday, August 30, 2006, I will be 25 years old. (You read it here first, before some quirky behind record label fabricates a story that Im only 20 years old. 1981, you do the math.) I have never seen myself making it past 23, so to me, Im on borrowed time. Some of the things that Tupac mentioned in the documentary hit home. Im terrified to die. There is a huge part of me that yearns and needs to exist on a plane where people are there to interact with. I dont want to fade into non existence. I dont want to become only a memory or a bunch of pictures, but in the end, we all have to go.
With that said, maybe Im diving too deep into my psyche, but hell thats why its MY blog. I pray that if 25 is all that I am promised, I touch someone deeply with my music and my mindframe. I pray that someone hears something that I have said in an interview or a song or reads a publication or this blog and walks away with a lesson learned. Its important to me that I make an impact in someone's life. Being a rockstar is so much more than just a studio, a video and a stage. Its a way of thinking responsibly and making sure that your actions affect everyone else in a positive manner. You can quote me.


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