Wednesday, August 16, 2006


stagnant (stag'nent) adj 1.NOT FLOWING:still(stagnant water)2.Foul from standing still:stale(stagnant air)3.Not changing or growing:INACTIVE(a stagnant period for sales)

Webster's II New Riverside Dictonary gives this description of the word stagnant. How appropriate is it that the two words in bold describe me to a tee right now. I made one request before all of this was started and that was: I DO NOT WANT TO SIT IDLE AND WAIT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. I like my mind flowing, but I dont want to just get in the booth and record anything, just for the sake of recording. I have no problem with writing until my fingers fall off, but when I record, I want that blend to be there. You know, the beats right, the words fit perfectly, it only takes about a good 15-25 minutes for the vocals to get recorded. I am unhappy to announce that after two weeks of starting work on the project, I still only have six songs recorded for the album and only two that I feel have a shot of making it close to the finals. Im so hungry right now for new music. There's always the throw away mixtape, but its not the same as having your own original music that represents you. Music that is tailormade for the world to hear your sound. Its like Im going stir crazy waiting on producers to submit tracks. Now all things arent bad, I got a really good one last night from Entity which I am absolutely loving. 100% all the way through. It was perfect and it had that sound that I search for. I was truly impressed and the good part about it is.......I KNOW THAT'S NOT THE BEST THAT SHE CAN COME WITH!! These are still "exciting times" nonetheless.


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