Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Am I Alone Or........

do more young women seem to have less and less respect for themselves these days? To promote online, I have a slew of pages that I normally go to and post up different pics, links, quotes, and what have you and most of the time, I still get personal requests to talk, chat, say hi, etc. The funny thing is that most of these young women seem to have zero respect for themselves or anything for that matter. I know you're reading this like......"Jou, what in the world does this have to do with music?" Let me explain myself. I spent a lot of time in my musical training era of being with different "labels" and "camps", and most of the time, I would write true recollections of my real life misogyny, hedonism, and debauchery and I would never care about who it would affect or how it would look. As a man, you have to put down the toys of your youth. The devices of ignorance that you carried around as the representation of what type of man you were. No one REALLY wants to be labeled a whoremonger, do they? Well, I didnt, so I felt the need to rearrange and redirect my lyrics and my purpose when it came down to recording. A lot of the young ladies who have sent me messages have been immediately directed to partake in my myspace page, particularly a song entitled "Do You Believe.....". The song is about being in love, finding someone who completes you so much that you actually have zero qualms about expressing this. You would not believe the amount of young women who have never had someone to tell them that they love them and actually SHOW it! Im opening my eyes to realize that as someone who will soon be looked toward for some type of affection in the eyes of some of these young ladies.....I DONT WANT TO BE A BAD INFLUENCE. I dont want to be that artist who is in the tabloids or in Vibe Confidential or even as a blurb on the Wendy Williams Show for being "the never ending manwhore". I would love to be the type of artist that receives good press for being a gentleman, for doing something to actually uplift women, for NOT being known to have groupies running down the hallway naked from room to room. If this makes me a boring artist, so be it. I want to make a stand personally, in my music, to make sure that young women, especially young BLACK women, KNOW FOR CERTAIN that they dont have to be disrespectful of themselves and they dont have to degrade themselves to be loved. Its a sad sight to see a young lady who obviously doesnt know you, offer her services in the art of fellatio to you, in hopes of latching herself on to someone who APPEARS to be on the rise. I pray that this mindframe is the mindframe that God keeps me in. I found out that 50's new album is called "Before I Self Destruct". Man, that's the thought that keeps me walking the straight and the narrow path everyday! That's the thought that makes me discipline myself now BEFORE any type of fame or fortune comes my way. No one wants to self destruct in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the public. Am I alone or does it seem like the more things change, the more they stay the same?

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