Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Funniest Thing Happened (Part 2)

LOL! So I get online at about 5 pm yesterday to continue promoting my mixtape and happen to see that my posts from DFW HipHop had been slightly ALTERED! The guy who was the cause for all the idiocy contacted the board and had them REMOVE his comments. Where Im from..........We call that gay! Which is ironic because, he, is SUPPOSEDLY, from the same area. I have a different degree of what a man is supposed to act like. A man is supposed to stick by his decisions....even if they arent advantageous. A man should never, by any means, retract a statement that was made publicly and then go take shots alone in the dark, in private. Why spend so much time goading a "public" happening, get to it, lose, and then try to erase it like it never happened? A man is supposed to be able to admit that what he just did may have been pointless and access his reasons for living. Well, a man is, but this guy has shown me something that I never wanted to believe about him.......HE IS LESS THAN A MAN! I wouldnt speak another man's name unless I had his number. Unless I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was sure that what I wanted from him was his utmost attention to my words, to my demeanor, to my character. All a man, has is his word and if your word is made to disappear after you speak it, then honestly, WHAT TYPE OF MAN ARE YOU? What type of man cries for 12 years and complains about everything that has ever happened to him? What type of man creates a "glass" world and doesnt believe that at some point, someone is going to come along and throw a very real boulder at it? At every point in any MAN'S life trouble with it! I did! It made me stronger, but every alleged man isnt built for wear. Some men arent built to carry anything and I was built to deal with what God saw fit to allow me to deal with. My trials and tribulations are a testimony to the power of God and my intelligence is a testimony to his divine blessings. Neither of these are to be taken lightly or shunned away. Once you grow into a man, certain childhood things are put away. Alleged so-called beef is looked upon with disdain. Sure, Im not perfect, Ive made my comments and even had my share of songs made out of stupidity, but Ive grown up. It is in that maturity that I know how to restrain myself from ignorance and honestly, ignorance made itself very noticeable the other day.

"Pride cometh before a fall." -GOD

I dont really know what else there is to say. I have laid my swords down a long time ago and vowed that I had no reason to pick up the seeds of anger, malice, violence, and rage. I was told that vengeance did not belong to me, so vengeance, I do not seek. However, as a MAN, there is only so much growth that can be displayed in the face of desperation. This is pure desperation. What I experienced the other day and also on today was a taste of what someone who is desperate to be relevant will do. I carry zero fear of man when God has promised me his divine protection. I have overlooked plenty of things, but to quote TI, "I dont know what you do for respect, but Im gon die for mine." My family is not something that I take kindly to being disrespected. If it were ever a case in which I felt my life were threatened, please believe me, Hip Hop is the last thing in which I am going to be thinking about. I think that people forget physical attributes when it comes down to getting into a microphone booth, closet, bathroom, or wherever, we as emcees record. Emcees have been brainwashed to believe that if you speak something into existence enough, it becomes true. Not so, unless it comes with the knowledge of self and the power of God behind it. At the end of the day, screw Joulz Il, Im Julian DeShaun Sneed, FIRST! I have responsibility to my bloodline to continue to exist and not be pulled into something that isnt really worth it. And honestly, whatever this guy is trying to pull has NEVER been worth it. Its all fun until someone is on the concrete bleeding and someone else is in the back of a squad car. I dont even like the idea of bringing that prophetic word into the situation, but my first responsibility is to my God, my second is to my family. Anything after that, is null and void. No need for idle threats, back and forth banter, and false accusations. This blog is read by all, those who show love to and those who hold disdain and repulsion for me, so my statement is out there. I have zero problem protecting myself and my own against desperation. Desperation reeks the air with cowardice and maliciousness and I refuse to be the focus of anyone's hatred, jealousy, and/or fear.
The funniest thing happened when I read DFW HipHop.........I finally saw what a male vagina looks like and truthfully, it wasnt a pretty sight.

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