Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Purifying Experience

Winter is always a time in which everything is normally reborn, renewed, or refurbished. Im extremely excited about the mixtape. I had a lot of fun recording it, which is something that normally wouldnt happen for me. If you've been reading, then you know about everything that has transpired in my life and honestly, the mixtape was therapeutic for me. I got a lot of anxiety out of the way and I felt really good about doing it. I was able to make a recording that I personally feel was well rounded. It got me back to the way that I have always loved doing music....EXPRESSIVELY. Being able to record is something that always should be done with a love, a passion, a real message and a desire to talk about something other than locality. I have always despised being pigeon-holed, so I took steps to at least try to do something outside of the normal on the new mixtape and I am so excited. The working title most likely isnt going to be the title that I go with after all, but things change, so you cant be stuck on the little things and ideas are made to be knocked down and re-hashed. I have been on notice that I am becoming a different artist, a better artist, and a consummate professional when it comes down to recording and just trying to build a career in music period. Its amazing the amount of people that I have come in contact with in such a small time that are truly WAITING and PRAYING for something to happen for me. It brings a smile to my face and I pray that I dont disappoint them in my actions. Life itself, can be an eye opening experience. If someone would have told me at 15, that this would be it for me, I would have laughed at them and kept right on moving. Still, at 25, I have accepted that life isnt perfect and that as a human, I am entitled to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes have been costly and have affected a vast amount of people, but that's why there is always redemption. Some people have demons that they just cant deal with and that seems strange to me. Some people have skeletons that chase them all around the room and never let them sleep. Me? Well, I sleep easier at night now. When you are doing things the right way, you have ZERO reason to fear anything. Be it man or beast, Be it word or sword, Be it war or ill wishes.....IM FOCUSED! I saw the house that Im going to buy the other day and it was just another confirmation that my life has taken a 360 degree turn for the better. Man, if you're reading this and you put yourself in my position, you too would smile. Life is good. Anyway, Im babbling. I got a chance to hear four of the new tracks in post production and I cannot wait to share them with everyone. I think they are fierce, but......what does my opinion matter? No one makes music for themselves. A true artist makes music for the people, the listeners, the masses. Being in front of the public eye is going to truly be a test for me. Fame is going to truly be a blessing for me. Quite frankly, the money wont hurt either. LOL! You have to leave something behind that people can say...."Hey, he/she did that." NO ONE can take that away from you. Here in Dallas, it snowed the other day and it was very enjoyable. I was able to spend time with my loved ones and of course my betrothed and all in all, I had a great day. I realized that there is something that I do now that a lot of people that I know dont do..........I SMILE! And smiling is truly a purifying experience.

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