Monday, December 11, 2006


Im not sure what defines sexy anymore, or if I ever really knew. Everyone has their own definition. Last night I had a conversation with my wife and we talked about our past relationships. Its crazy, the guy that came right before me was a total and complete LAME. I mean, according to her, there was nothing about him that she remotely liked and he was never her number one choice in ANYTHING! Ironically, neither was the girl who tried to be with me right before I met her. You never want to place yourself in a situation where someone is not your all. I remember telling my ex countless amounts of times "Im just not physically attracted to you, BUT our relationship doesnt revolve around the physical." This was my futile attempt at not being shallow. It came to my attention, after my wife stopped LAUGHING, that I may have crushed my ex's spirit and self esteem by saying that. Her comment, "No woman wants to EVER hear that you arent physically attracted to them. She probably went back through all of her old relationships to see if they thought the same way you did and now, every relationship that she gets in, she's going to question him, too. Burn!" It wasnt meant to be funny, but my ex wasnt exactly a 10 and it seems that everytime I speak about her, its never in a positive light. Isnt that strange? You're with someone for just about 2 years of your life and you NEVER have found them the least bit attractive. Honestly, my wife and I go absolutely nuts over one another. I mean crazy. Sometimes, so much that it seems unreal. This leads me to think, are other couples as equally excited about one another or are they just going through the motions? Honestly, with the disrespect for marriage that people seem to have today, its a wonder that anyone is truly happily married anymore. Everyone seems to believe that marriage is some crappy commitment that can be easily thrown off for a little "outside intervention." Thats garbage. I personally think that everyone needs someone and that there is someone that is meant for everyone. Honestly, our exes would be perfect for one another. LOL!

The mixtape is still being mixed and it still sounds great. I finally came up with a suitable name, but you have to keep some surprises, so I guess you all will have to wait and see what it is, now won't you? LOL! December is still the month! Im asking that if you read this, take the time to pray. Pray about anything, but just acknowledge God's existence. Im focusing this week on bettering my prosperity in life. Financially, mentally, spiritually, familywise, physically, basically everything. Find your focus and give God some of your time.

"........even sinners got souls." -Shug Avery-The Color Purple

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Chelse' Bene' said...

I love and appreciate you. I'm not sure if what we have is perfection, but it is the closest I've ever come in a relationship. Yes, I go crazy over you, and the world can see it daily. Why? Because this was meant to be...divine, and besides the fact that I am utterly and completely attracted to you physically, you encompass all of the foundations of what a man should be. What we share is what love is supposed to be needs growth and learning and the occasional pull on the heartstrings, as well as strength and commitment, vigilance and prayer. I am bettering myself daily because of you and with you. Elder women have always said: "If you're not with someone who makes you want to better yourself, then you're not in a relationship worth anything"...Thank God I have a marriage worth SOMETHING. Ta' Me' Chomh M'or sweetheart. More is in store for our love and our prosperity. Let the hataz hate.

I'll just continue to pray.